Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Tsu

As a photographer I am always looking for new avenues and networks to post on in an attempt to reach a broader audience, as well as connect with other like minded individuals. A few months ago I came across a game changer for me, a social network that has a heavy emphasis on original content, thus tailoring itself to creative types, such as photographers, AND… wait for it…. they pay you to post, it’s called Tsu.

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what photogs should know

Top Things Most Photographers Need to Know

Whether you are a new photographer or an experienced shutterbug, there are some things you need to know. Some of these things may seem self-evident, even obvious, while others are harder to discern.

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Missouri and Minnesota Scenes

Doing some image cleanup and finally got some time to process some photos that have been collecting folder dust for the past few months. While it feels images just pile up sometimes and I get annoyed at falling behind in getting around to them, It’s always fun for me dive into a folder and immediately remember the day and the moment all of the shots were taken. Photo adventure days are always great fun, so nothing but good memories to relive. Here are some outdoor snaps from around Missouri and Minnesota over the past several months.

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Flower Photography

A Day Of Flower Photography

Sometimes going in very close and focusing in on a specific part of a flower can create exceptional images that take on an fine art quality. Look for color contrasts and textures. Keeping a sharp focus is important in photography in general, but in floral macro’s it’s crucial as the tiniest of adjustments can have large impact for your shots as the depth of field is so micro adjusted.

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Butterfly Facts

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Butterflies

You may enjoy seeing butterflies fly around your garden or land on your deck, but how much do you really know about these fascinating creatures? Butterflies are beautiful, but they are also an integral part of the environment, contributing to agriculture and even serving as an early warning system for climate change.

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People Watching From The Lens

People watching involves observing people to get a feel for the beauty and rhythm of the community around us. And I think it makes for great photography practice. Patiently waiting and constantly looking in all directions for even the smallest of expressions or emotion that could be captured in a single shot to tell a story. And all the while trying to do so discreetly so people don’t “react” with a false “I’m in front of a camera” behavior.  It certainly makes me get lost in the moment even in the busiest of places or situations. Personally speaking at least. I find it to be a great skill building exercise.

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Klondike Moody Autumn

October Landscapes and Waterscapes

October was quite the busy month for me and I didn’t get out for near as many shots as I would have liked to, nor did I get time to post many of the photos that I was able to sneak out and capture. But, I have caught a break for a couple of days and am working to update the galleries and get a few posts up. So, today’s post is a bit of a hodgepodge of landscape shots from Missouri and Minnesota that I was able to snap last month – Enjoy!

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Abstract Art

Ingredients May Include Photoshop

It concerns some in the industry a bit when new photographers delve into Photoshop around the same time they delve into photography. These are what we call ‘photoshopographers‘, if you jump into Photoshop (or any other editing software for that matter) too soon, you run the risk of not mastering your technique as a photographer. However with that opinion known, some of us photographers come from an editing background, and delved into photography after the fact. As one of those who comes from a backwards approach, we have a design idea already in mind, and choose to take photos to work into our end game vision.

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