American White Pelican

Wildlife Wednesday

All Wildlife and Nature Photos today. Everything from Bird to Bears, both in the Wild and some Zoo shots as well. With some new lenses in my arsenal I have been trying to put them to good use so there are quite a few photos in today’s update. Hopefully a bit of something for everyone.

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A Day at Klondike Park

Klondike Park is 250 acres of scenic property, featuring more than four miles of natural and paved trails for hiking and biking. Once the site of an old silica sand quarry, the area has been preserved and turned into beautiful parkland. A unique lookout bluff provides picturesque views of the Missouri River Valley, as well as the historic Katy Trail. The recreational opportunities include cycling through the park’s miles of natural-surface and paved trails, which connect to the historic Katy Trail; strolling around the Bluff Walking Trail where you will see tremendous views of the birding/wildflower area; fishing in the large lake located in the middle of the park; relaxing around the group council ring area, which features a large fire pit for roasting marshmallows and offers homemade benches to sit on; viewing wildlife, native plants and the rolling tree-line countryside from the bluffs of this former silica sand quarry.

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All Nature Macro Photography Today

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Tiny Nature Exposed. I have been toting my macro lenses everywhere I go in hopes of capturing the tiniest of details as I follow all the little critters, trespassing in fields as I hunt for subjects. I think these are some of my favorite shots of the year so far. Maybe that’s because they are better, or maybe because I know the time and effort that went into trying to capture them, and I’m just biased :) .  I’d love to here your thoughts, feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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Taking My Lens Everywhere I Go

Today’s photo post is truly ‘Unfocussed’ with nothing that ties them together. With a long winter winding to an end and the first signs of spring just barley making an entrance I have been taking the camera everywhere I go looking for things to catch my eye. Spring fever is really starting to set in and I have been pointing my lens at just about anything in hopes that it will inspire me or draw my attention. I am so ready for Spring Blooms and Green Trees! While there is no theme for these photographs and art, hopefully you will still find something that interests you too.

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An Epic Game Of Chess

The World Is Your Canvas

Everywhere you look you can find something to be inspired by from behind a lens. Visual art to show that there is true beauty in all aspects of the world. There is no right or wrong when it comes to fine art. The photographer’s own vision of an object is what makes it art. Art can be so creative for example art can be done different ways like photographing, painting, sculpture, drawing and or watercolor. Go buy a camera and start shooting as the world is your own personal canvas. My favorite photography quote is by Dorothea Lange, and these photos are taken with that mantra in mind.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

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Soft Floral Heart

Fun With Flowers And A Macro Lens

With the addition of a Canon EF Macro lens – 180 mm F/3.5 to my arsenal I have been toting it around on my nature walks along with my trusted 100mm macro as well. I am enjoying the added distance especially when it comes to wildflowers that I come across and “trying” not to trespass.. :) So, today I have some macro flower photographs to update the galleries with. I’m not the greatest with flower identification, so if you can help in that process, please drop a comment on the post so I can get them categorized better!

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Pelican Swims At Night

Feathers and Beaks – Bird Photo Update

While Missouri weather has been unpredictable at best, going from snow one day, and warming to the 60′s and back again, it has provided for some opportunities to get out and bird watch (even if just a day at a time here and there). So today I have some shots from my birding adventures to update the galleries with. Quite a variety of sizes and species in today’s photo post, so hopefully there is a little something for all to enjoy. Don’t forget to Follow me on Facebook to catch all my backyard bird shots if you are interested, as only 10% or so ever make it up here to the site.

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Yellow Petal Drip

Floral Art From My Lens

With all the bird and nature photos I have been posting lately, I figured I would mix things up today and bring a softer side of things. Today’s photo post have some of my favorite flower shots that I have taken recently. A few of these are already hanging on the walls throughout the house and patiently waiting on a couple more canvas prints to arrive. Soft petals, lovely light and vibrant floral colors should hopefully brighten your day!

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