Bird Is The Word

Several Bird-Watching photographs in today’s photo post, both backyard birds as well as some larger species. I have not had as much time birding this year as I wish I could have, but there is still some time left before thay all fly away for the winter, so hopefully I can remedy that soon. Be sure to scroll to the last photo for a snap of THE largest cardinal you have ever seen!

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Three Dog Bakery St. Louis

Do you ever think about what is in the stuff you feed your pets? Well, Dan and Mark from Three Dog Bakery St. Louis could never understand why all the commercially available dog treats contained so many additives and ingredients – most of which you couldn’t even pronounce. So they set out to change the world as dogs know it. I love grabbing healthy snacks for our dogs here, so I decided to take the camera with me for a few shots on our last visit.

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Flourishing Flower

Theme Park Entertainers

Still working through some of our Florida theme park photographs today. This post covers some shots of the entertainers we encountered at Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. From a photographers point of view the random characters and street shows were some of the most fun things to shoot as you could just get lost in a crowd of things going on and there was always something interesting to try and get a capture of. I really need to bring a lightweight travel tripod with me on our next trip though!

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Universal Halloween

Orlando, Florida Photography Continued

Finally getting around to adding the rest of the shots from our trip to Orlando, Florida last year. I forgot how many shots we took down there until I looked at the size of the folder. Everywhere we went there was something interesting enough to try and get a snap of. These shots are mostly from Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

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Orlando International Airport

The wife and I spent a couple days at the Hyatt Regency hotel on top of the Orlando International Airport in Florida on a trip down there last year. Of coarse I had to sneak up to the top level of the parking garage with a lens to get a few shots from elevation. Here are sever photos from sunrise and sunset of the airport and facilities from that vantage point.

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Goose, Geese and Goslings Galore

Take a walk or a drive through Minnesota on any day and you are almost guaranteed to find a flock of geese walking across the road, and holding up traffic. This time of the year there are baby goslings everywhere huddled close to momma goose trolling for food and taking a swim. Today’s post includes quite a few shots of some of these sights as we have taken our photo walks.

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Flower Photography To Brighten The Day

Photographing Flowers and the post-processing of them always inspires a bit of creativity and vision for me. Often I have a client who is looking for a specific flower with a certain color pallet to the image to fit a very specific spot on their wall. Running with those things in mind is always fun to try and match something up that will fit the specific request and brings more enjoyment to the process for me. Today’s post includes some pieces that were created based on recent requests that we received, I hope others enjoy them as much as the new owners do on their walls.

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Shooting The Moon

Some Moon Photography Shots For Today’s Post. Several people have askem me recently what setting I use for lunar shots at night, and I tend to go with the “Loony 11 Rule” – f/11, shutter speed should be 1/100 sec and ISO 100. When the Moon is partially covered by clouds or is low in the sky you will need to increase the exposure. If you can’t remember these rules just expose for something well lit in the foreground and increase the brightness of the Moon until it appears to be white in post processing. I also bracket my shots.

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