Goose, Geese and Goslings Galore

Take a walk or a drive through Minnesota on any day and you are almost guaranteed to find a flock of geese walking across the road, and holding up traffic. This time of the year there are baby goslings everywhere huddled close to momma goose trolling for food and taking a swim. Today’s post includes quite a few shots of some of these sights as we have taken our photo walks.

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Flower Photography To Brighten The Day

Photographing Flowers and the post-processing of them always inspires a bit of creativity and vision for me. Often I have a client who is looking for a specific flower with a certain color pallet to the image to fit a very specific spot on their wall. Running with those things in mind is always fun to try and match something up that will fit the specific request and brings more enjoyment to the process for me. Today’s post includes some pieces that were created based on recent requests that we received, I hope others enjoy them as much as the new owners do on their walls.

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Shooting The Moon

Some Moon Photography Shots For Today’s Post. Several people have askem me recently what setting I use for lunar shots at night, and I tend to go with the “Loony 11 Rule” – f/11, shutter speed should be 1/100 sec and ISO 100. When the Moon is partially covered by clouds or is low in the sky you will need to increase the exposure. If you can’t remember these rules just expose for something well lit in the foreground and increase the brightness of the Moon until it appears to be white in post processing. I also bracket my shots.

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Beautiful Minnesota

Minnesota is a beautiful state and there is so much to see and there are plenty of activities no matter what the season. Need to get away from the humidity during the heat of the summer then Duluth and the harbor village of Grand Marais are perfect. The scenery is breathtaking and Lake Superior is a must see. Want to see what the word “Cold” really means then visit Saint Paul during their Winter Carnival and while you’re there warm up inside the Saint Paul Hotel it’s really is lovely.

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Lake Minnetonka – Photography From The Dock

Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, although there are actually 11,842 that are 10 acres or more in size. Lake Minnetonka is Number nine on the list in size at 14,004 acres. Minnetonka comes from the Dakota Sioux tribe’s name for the lake, “Minne” meaning “water” and “tonka” meaning “big” and, as this origin suggests, the Minnetonka area was first inhabited by native peoples of the Sioux tribes. Todays post includes several sunset shots over a few days of taking pictures from the dock and along the shore.

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Landscapes In The Neighborhoods

Today’s update includes a selection of photos we have recently taken in and around Saint Charles, Missouri and more specifically in the New Melle area. I have also updated the posting to outline more of the EXIF data for each shot as many of you had asked for that. I hope you enjoy the new layout.

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Deer Photography

A Dinner Date With A Deer – A Female Deer

I was savoring a healthy and delicious home cooked meal with family on their back porch while enjoying wonder, conversation and beautiful weather when all of a sudden this white-tailed decided to grace us with her presence.
She was only a few feet away and was not at all worried about us being there. We continued our conversation while I snapped photos of her. The doe enjoyed some healthy vegetation for dinner and bird seed for dessert.
Don’t know if I will ever get to experience a deer eating bird feed ever again but it makes for a great story and fun memory.

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Pleasant Petals

A little something to help brighten your day I hope. Today’s post is a selection of recent floral shots I have taken that people have requested prints of. I figured if they wore good enough for some to hang on a wall, then they would serve worthy for a photo blog :) Hopefully you fins something worthy of bring a smile to your day.

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