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My New Years Lens Learning Challenge Begins

I decided to give myself a New Years’ challenge to get a usable shot every day with a lens I don’t often use.  I have several lense’s in my arsenal, but always end up grabbing a macro, telephoto, or a wide-angle lens to fit my need.  January will be my 50mm month, and before we take the Christmas Tree down, I thought I would grab some shots with the bokeh in the background to showcase the aperture of my Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM a bit.

Orchid with Christmas Lighting
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A small blooming orchid, which happens to be a rarity for me as I kill everything. However my mom “raised it” for a few months, and set Alexa reminders for me in terms of what to do. So far, so good. If it lives a year, maybe I’ll name her?

Christmas Doggy Decoration with Tree Lighting
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A Puppy Christmas Figurine We Put Out Every Year that my wife adores as it looks just like her buddy Paco. I thought the gems on the antlers were fun and would play well with the lighting and gave a more seasonal perspective for the shot.

The Bee The Flower The Bokeh
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OK, so this one is a little different. There was one flower left in the vase that had not wilted away, and a bee figurine that came in a plant we bought once (one of the dead ones aforementioned) that has earned a spot on top of an end table for some reason. They were the closest things handy that were photogenic, so ya, I did a thing.

Our new ginger kitten Darth (5 months old) decided to plot a squat on a blanket that was on the end table in front of the Christmas Tree, so I took the opportunity to snag a few clicks.

Darth 50 Xmas 1
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Darth 50 Xmas 2
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Darth 50 Xmas 3
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Last but not least before the tree comes down I thought a good use of the lens would be to get a shot of each of our Furbabies. Although they were all not very pleased about it, especially our old man Bear who is 14 and is lovably stubborn.


Darth XMAS 2020
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Vader XMAS 2020
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Lil’ Bear

Bear XMAS 2020
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Paco XMAS 2020
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This is the one I tweaked to make the post cover.

Christmas Kitty
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