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Photo Journal – Camera Log #1

A Visual Photo Blog Of My Journey Behind A Lens Through Life, Mostly Nature and Wildlife Scentric, But I’ll Click a Shot of Anything that Catches my Eye.

Camera Card Dump #1

I made a promise to myself after spending the time to get this site up and running again that I would post something at least twice a month to make it relevant, at least in terms of my time spent. And since I tend to live a life behind a desk working, there is nothing too adventurous to count on that will help me achieve that goal. So when I need to post something, I will just journal some of the daily shots I have taken since the last post that typically only get posted on social media, and generally only gets added to the print shop by an initial request.
A Daisy Daydream

This is probably my favorite image since my last post. I’m not sure if that’s because I had a quick purchase request, thus it made it’s way to the print shop quick, or if it really IS for other reasons 😉 Anyway, this was some lightbox fun using my new SAMTIAN 24x24x24 Photo Box with flowers that my wife got me, so she got to help name it – “A Daisy Daydream” is born.

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A Backyard Visitor

Standing on the side porch enjoying the evening breeze and out of nowhere I see deer prance by. Luckily my camera was on my tripod 10 feet away. I didn’t have time to get a great shot, but it’s always nice to have backyard visitors when you are social distancing 🙂

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Female BHCB Walking

A Female Brown-Headed Cowbird On A Sunny Tree Limb, Dancing The Day Away. She was dancing for me most of the day, but she flew off after finding out I didn’t have any singles 🤷💵

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By the time this post was ready to go, Morgan from Encore Art Shop had already used it as a reference photo I had given permission for, to create a very fun watercolor of.

Encore Art Shop

Watercolor on Legion paper

Great Crested Flycatcher in Tree

A Great Crested Flycatcher squawks in a tree during bright noon light.

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There was some initial controversy over this one as it is a “lifer bird” for me, so I had to identify it, thus I posted in photography and birding groups for assistance as I was having difficulty with my normal references. In the end, it came down to Ash-throated Flycatcher vs. Great Crested Flycatcher.

Finally, I confirmed as Great Crested Flycatcher. Stokes Field Guide has on facing pages making it easy to compare. We are too far East for Ash-throated and their belly isn’t this yellow. Plus it’s the only created flycatcher in the East.

Afternoon Chipmunk

A little chipmunk soaks up some afternoon sun.

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Old Reliable Robin

I can sit here working all day and identify a dozen different species of birds from the window. Yet, when I have the time and go for a walk or sit outside for shots they all seemingly disappear. Until inevitably, Mr. Robin comes by to take pity on me with a look that suggests ‘any time now, I don’t have all day’.

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Spying On Robin

I watched Robin for quite a while today, alas Batman never showed. It’s not the Dynamic Duo shot I was hoping for, so this will have to suffice 😉

In all seriousness though, I really never do tire of watching Robins, They are always busy, and you never know the situation you will find them in.

Robin On Address Post

This was really a fun one to process. I played with some new techniques and took far too much time playing than I should have, but I learned stuff, so #SomethingGained

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Robin Looking Up – Memeable

Nothing special about this 📷 but I thought it was naturally well suited for a meme out of the box. I set this one for free downloads so you can grab the HI-RES version if you want to play.

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Macro Lens Zen Outdoors

I love taking a walk with nothing but a macro lens. It makes everything in the world seem like 'Just Right'.  I often take random shots of everything and delete 95% of them. It is fun to study the details of things even if it's not a post-worthy shot in the end.
Chicory Pop

Common chicory is a perennial plant in the dandelion family.

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Doggy Walking In The Street

Out for a walk with the camera, seen a dog walking, so he got Photoshopped, that’s how I roll 😉📸

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Porcelain Rose

A macro of a rose in the neighborhood with a bit of an abstract vibe. Thanks for helping with the name Mary 🙂

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Millet’s Beauty

This one was named by Eleanor Van De Bogart, who was the first to offer a title that I liked and the first to use it as a reference photo (her artwork below). I think the chain link fence in the background just slightly visible left for fun patterns in this one, and well the color play was inviting.

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Eleanor Van De Bogart

Watercolor background/Prismacolour colored pencil subject

Promo Graphics and Mockups

As you can see from the cameral log there has not been too much adventure since my last post. The past week or so I have been busy working on creating promotional graphics and mockups, so I decided to sneak in a few of my own while I was at it, and figured I would add them here.

Alien Orchids
Never Just A Rose
Fiery Sunset On Lake Minnetonka

Well, I suppose that about wraps up what I have been up to recently behind the lens and in Photoshop. Unless anything exciting happens in front of me somewhere in the near future (like the Peacock Adventure a week ago), I’ll be posting another camera dump in a week or so.

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