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Welcome To The Photo Blog

This is where I keep myself interested in photography, more for my personal motivation than anything I think. There have been times over the year where I have lost my passion to pursue photography for various reasons, whether it was a lack of monetization or just a stifle in my own creative juices. Committing to posting here form time to time keeps me on track a bit, and gives me n audience outside of my social media feeds to post some of the daily stuff I play around with.

Quarantine Creations

What does an artist do most of the places I would go for lens candy are closed and off-limits. When I cannot take another picture, of another squirrel, for the 45th day in a row. Well I decided to expand my artistic endeavors toward more pronounced digital abstractions. Many of them don't even resemble the original shot, while others may slightly.

By |Photoshop, Technique|

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hummingbirds

If you have ever seen a hummingbird at your bird feeder or in the forest, you were probably struck by a few things. You no doubt noticed the speed of its flight, as well as its tiny stature and perfectly formed body. You may have been struck by the vibrant colors of the bird as it moved through the air, or the way it seemed to hover in the air around your feeder.

By |Birds, Nature, Tidbits|
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