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Below are recent additions to the PRINT SHOP that have been requested for purchase or licensing, or have been more popular items on social media, image contests, etc.

A single violet tulip surrenders unto the surrounding temperate vibrancy
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Gerber From The Stem
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Random photo posts and my photography/artists journal of sorts I suppose. Or just a formal place for my musings maybe… It is what it is..


My attempt at organizing our shot portfolio, which is always last on the priority list it seems.

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What Is This? Where Am I?

I am a geek by trade, and Photoshop, as well as other image editing tools, have been part of my arsenal for quite some time. When it came to website development, etc. I often found myself licensing images and photographs from stock sites as part of every project. And, as a freelancer does when looking at budgets, you cut costs and increase revenue where possible. So, my initial entry into photography began as a cost-cutting tool.

Little did I know how quickly I would become an addicted shutterbug (as in the very first click). From the first shot I snapped, I knew that a camera would be part of my life forever. So this little corner of the interwebs is where I share my creative side. Mostly photography, some purely digital designs from time to time, but generally photos and art created from them.