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Like most photographers, I am always looking for a way to increase exposure and grab some attention. These short clips and animations my ‘Moving Pictures’ creatives.

If you want to catch all of the ones I create you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Climbing Tree Rat Squirrel – Gallery
Power and Fury Eagle – Gallery
Winter Chickadee in Snow – Archives
Star Wars Light Saber Mickey Mouse – Gallery
Klondike Park Moody Autumn – Gallery
I Dreamt Of A Woodpecker – Gallery
Dew Drops On Yellow Daisy – Gallery
A Long Dark Black & White Road – Gallery
Wood Duck Flap – Gallery
Orchid Daydream – Gallery
Farewell Thursday Sunset – Gallery
Monarch on Moody Chives – Gallery
Akaka Falls Waterfall – Gallery
Moody Painterly Redbird – Gallery
Mr Personality Cheeky Squirrel – Gallery
Hawaii Sunrise On Pastel Waters – Gallery
A Bottle Of Noval Black – Gallery
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