Learning A 50mm Lens Challenge and Christmas Bokeh

I decided to give myself a New Years' challenge to get a usable shot every day with a lens I don't often use.  I have several lense's in my arsenal, but always end up grabbing a macro, telephoto, or a wide-angle lens to fit my need.  January will be my 50mm month, and before we take the Christmas Tree down, I thought I would grab some shots with the bokeh in the background to showcase the aperture of my Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM a bit.

Quarantine Creations

What does an artist do most of the places I would go for lens candy are closed and off-limits. When I cannot take another picture, of another squirrel, for the 45th day in a row. Well I decided to expand my artistic endeavors toward more pronounced digital abstractions. Many of them don't even resemble the original shot, while others may slightly.

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