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Geek, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Developer, Coder, Husband, Human.

The above pretty much sums me up, and this is my little section of the interwebz dedicated to my creative endeavors and more specifically photography.

Not every photo I take shows up here (far from it) only the shots that have been purchased make their way, which I suppose is my attempt to prune my portfolio into more of a worthy showcase. So, if you have seen an image on any of my social feeds and cannot locate it for a purchase, just hit me up on messenger or use the form below for email correspondence.

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Learning A 50mm Lens Challenge and Christmas Bokeh

I decided to give myself a New Years' challenge to get a usable shot every day with a lens I don't often use.  I have several lense's in my arsenal, but always end up grabbing a macro, telephoto, or a wide-angle lens to fit my need.  January will be my 50mm month, and before we take the Christmas Tree down, I thought I would grab some shots with the bokeh in the background to showcase the aperture of my Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM a bit.

A Quick Photo Shoot With A Horned Owl

While I didn’t walk away with a tremendous amount of shots, I did meet my expectations of the day as I was looking for tight frame-filling head or body shots that would still print in large format without any issues. I probably would have had even more usable ones if I was not in aww just studying things with my avid birder curiosity.

All About The Flowers

I decided to quit procrastinating on making progress with getting my photo archives organized and updated. Rather than going through my folders by date, I’m going to tackle them by subject matter which will allow me to be a bit more efficient at least (fingers crossed).

Photo Journal – Camera Log #3

A very random photo dump on this post. With things being busy on a professional level and doing the whole social distancing thing, I find myself not behind the lens much, and when I am it's clicking kitten pics since we just got a couple of new fur-babies.

Photo Journal – Camera Log #2

Camera Log Installment #2 - A Visual Photo Blog Of My Journey Behind A Lens. In this dump, I have mostly birds including eagles, robins, titmice, finches, and a nuthatch. There are also a few floral art shots and some updates to the photo collection pages here on the site.


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